Ten Ways 360° Feedback Can Reinvent Your Training & Development Strategy

By | December 13, 2006

360° Feedback is developing a reputation for delivering excellent results when used as a tool for supporting the assessment and appraisal process. Its ability to provide objective feedback based on observed behaviour produces excellent data on which to base your performance management system and associated strategy. But it’s in the area of training and development that the 360° Feedback process is really delivering outstanding results. The following reasons explain why.

The 360° Feedback process can deliver:

  1. Increased Personal Ownership – as the participant (potential trainee) invests in the process of identifying potential areas for development as part of the 360° Feedback process. They are far more likely to ‘buy into’ any resulting training and development solution.
  2. Increased Group Ownership & Support – as reviewers contribute feedback as part of the process of identifying potential areas for development in others, it is highly likely that they will be far more willing to support any resulting training by providing further coaching, support and help than if they were isolated from the process.
  3. Validated Training Requirements – any training and development needs identified by the individual can be validated by the group through using 360° Feedback. This ensures the outcome is not biased towards an individual’s perspective but is validated by people who observe on a daily basis the behaviour of the potential trainee.
  4. Balanced Feedback – the more feedback the better, in the case of 360° this enhanced feedback leads to far more accurate and balanced data on which to base your training and development strategy.
  5. Clearer Priority Setting – sometimes it is difficult to see the wood for the trees and identify which skills gap or learning requirement should be done in which order. The highly accurate data produced by the 360° Feedback process enables learning and development needs to be prioritised clearly and simply.
  6. Bringing The Feedback To Life – a picture is worth a thousand words. The graphs and diagrams produced by today’s online 360° systems can help pinpoint development needs in a way that pure data struggles to match.
  7. Simplified Decision Making – the accurate data produced as a result of the 360° Feedback process can also be used to match the individuals needs directly with available profiled training and development resources. This can simplify the process of identifying suitable personal development initiatives.
  8. Identified Cause & Effect – when used as part of an ongoing process of assessment, the 360° Feedback process can demonstrate through cause and effect, when your training and development initiatives are working or not.
  9. Identified Group Learning Needs – aggregated reports generated from the 360° Feedback process can be used to identify group training and development requirements. These requirements can also be cross referenced against role, function, location etc to produce highly focused learning initiatives.
  10. Automated Processes – when the 360° Feedback process is undertaken electronically, the resulting data can be used to automatically pull suitable learning and development initiatives from associated databases of resources. This process although not replacing the TNA process can support it in a way that saves considerable time and effort.

You can see why 360° Feedback is such a powerful development tool. Implemented well it can prove to be transformational in how people behave and work with each other, and in providing a platform for enhanced personal and organisational development. In response to this potential, Predaptive has developed 360°Insight™ which goes beyond the simple mechanics of 360° review to ensure that the process matches your organisational context and engages employees to provide a safe and developmental environment.

360°Insight™ has successfully been employed to add lasting value into projects such as:

  • Measuring behavioural change following training
  • Understanding and developing management populations
  • Embedding corporate values worldwide
  • Creating a leadership cadre
  • Assessing competencies
  • Supporting coaching

If you would like to discuss whether 360°Insight™ is right for your organisation please contact us.

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