The New Corporate HQ Game

By | June 24, 2009

We have found a fun thing to do that passes five minutes. Lots of people who have found themselves out of a job are taking the opportunity to start up their own businesses. One of the first things to do is launch a web site, which requires a trading address for contact purposes.

If the trading address is in a city chances are it will be on Google Street View. The challenge is to link the most ambitious company trading address with the humblest abode. Global House International which is really number 4 Suburban Avenue. Some are in blocks of flats, The Galaxy ‘Suite’ can be a giveaway.

It would be interesting to track these start ups, perhaps they will turn out like Google, starting in a garage and going on to world domination; what they won’t need to do is create a more suitable address.

If you spot an interesting one let us know.


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