Total Coaching

By | August 8, 2007

Linking coaching with objectives and project tasks or activities is a highly productive and effective modern method of training and developing people in organisations, especially for staff in teams and departments, and for developing organisations themselves.

Although coaching has become a very widespread development tool, there are issues about how best to manage and deliver it in an organisational setting. These include confusion over exactly what coaching is, how best to manage the stakeholders in coaching, when coaching is/ is not an appropriate intervention and how to work effectively with a complex coaching industry.

Anybody interested in improving organisational performance should be coaching as a matter of habit. Everybody interested in improving their personal performance should be receptive to coaching. These two points look self evidently true, so why is so little coaching going on?

Structured Training’s approach to coaching uses a proprietary framework Total Coaching™ to effectively link the organisational and relationship dynamics with the required skills and techniques. Done in this way coaching can embed into the organisation and become a ‘style norm’ for anyone in a position to performance coach. We also understand the strong link between effective coaching and the capturing/disseminating of best practice. You don’t have to be a manager to coach-in role model behaviours.

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