What We’re Playing: Hannibal – Rome vs Carthage

By | January 17, 2008

The long awaited reprint of Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage may look like a historical war game covering the Second Punic War, but plays as a fascinating battle for territory and resources. As such it works well as a market share game.

Whilst getting Hannibal and his team of elephants over the Alps may seem like the thing to do, after all, it worked pretty well as a surprise tactic in 218BC, however, it’s less surprising the second time around and new tactics are needed.

Businesses often go in to competition using the same rules of engagement that they have for decades, it’s only when someone tries something new and different that they are able to gain an advantage.

In Rome vs Carthage the objective is to end with more provinces under your control than your opponent has. Very often with businesses the objective is to gain more loyal customers. Focusing on one group at the expense of others can be a viable strategy if you’re willing to give up control of Iberia, or value shoppers, depending on your perspective.

As in real business situations, as a player of Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage you have a limited number of options as to how you can proceed based on your resources and your leaders. You also need to decide the order in which you can deploy those options, a crucial decision as your competition will react quickly to what you’re doing.

Dive into a game of Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage and see whether you can develop creative strategies to wrong foot your opponent and gain greater influence. If your team needs a little help with agreeing goals and strategy, and taking a more creative approach to market, talk to us about how we can help.

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